The Summit 2021

Bringing you a series of professional learning opportunities for you to access to build your knowledge and understanding of the digital technologies you have available to you.

Hear from a variety of experts sharing with you the powerful ways you can transform your teaching and learning experiences to innovate, engage and inspire your students.

Thanks to everyone for joining us at Summit 2021.

If you missed it, check out the recordings and resources page.

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Session Overviews




Capture the Moment with Clips

Clips, a free app for iPhone and iPad, creates a fun way for video to redefine how students demonstrate learning. In this hands-on session, you’ll explore how to capture and share learning moments with new features like Live Titles, filters, stickers, and more.

Access Abilities: Designing for All Learners

More students are coming to school with a varying array of abilities. And teachers are exploring new ways to not only support these learners, but to also personalise every student’s learning experience. Join us to learn about tools and resources from Apple that allow all students to explore, communicate, and create in new and powerful ways. Explore the built-in accessibility features included on every iPad that can be customised to help diverse learners succeed.

Creating Podcasts in GarageBand

Creating Podcasts in GarageBand

Discover new ways to enhance students’ literacy skills through the power of podcasting on iPad. Join us to learn how you and your students can create your very first podcasts and share your stories with the world.

Using Graphs to Make Numbers Meaningful - Google Sheets

Using Graphs to Make Numbers Meaningful

Having numbers without graphs to visualise them is like having musical notes with no way to listen to them. This session will help you teach your students to create meaningful graphs from data they collect.

Document Student Work with Project Portfolios - Google Sites

Document Student Work with Project Portfolios

Whether it's to document a short term project, or to track progress over many years, this session will show you how students can use Google Sites to create a beautiful digital portfolio for their work

We be Jammin' - Jamboard and a little Classroom

Jamboard is a relatively new addition to Workspace for Education, and rapidly grew in popularity during remote learning last year. With the recent addition of extra features it remains a powerful tool for any classroom. This session will give you a better understanding of what Jamboard offers and provide you with suggestions for teaching with it.

Lunch Break


Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard where teams can bring their best ideas to light. Collaborate in real time, no matter where you are. Lucidspark helps people organize notes and scribbles and turn them into presentation-ready concepts. When it’s time for next steps, teams can develop workflows and process documents to turn ideas into reality. Features include: integrations, infinite canvas, sticky notes, freehand drawing, chat, templates, timer, voting, Breakout Boards, Miro import, and more.

Participants will...

  • Learn about the purpose and place of LucidSpark amongst other digital tools available

  • Understand ways to help students use LucidSpark in the classroom

  • Develop a ready-to-use activity to use with their class.

Success Criteria

  • Understand how LucidSpark can be used across Key Learning Areas

  • Prepared an activity to use with students

Participants will hear stories of various student-led learning activities across different disciplines and grades. Time will be given to reflect on the potential use of LucidSpark in the participant’s classroom

Extending classroom reading with SORA

Participants will...

  • Build knowledge on the use of ebooks to engage students with reading

  • Learn how to use the inbuilt platform tools to locate a variety of text formats and genres to stimulate learning

  • Discover ideas on how you can utilise and promote SORA in your classroom and school

Success Criteria

  • Understood how ebooks can support reading engagement

  • Identified how they can use the platform with students to locate various genres and formats-

  • Develop strategies to promote use of SORA in your classroom and schools

Making Maths and STEM Digital, Authentic and Accessible

Educators can teach maths and STEM differently and digitally, making learning meaningful, authentic and accessible for all learners, supported by the addition of new educational technologies to their existing maths and STEM tech toolkit.

This session will explore how the technology tools, EquatIO and Read&Write, can support the reading and comprehension of maths and STEM content, create and understand math notation in a digital world, and support real time formative assessment strategies . We need to take away the barriers of reading, digital notation, and static assessment, getting in the way of our students being able to understand the underlying concepts of math and engaging in learning maths and STEM in a digital environment.


Explore how Seesaw can be used to engage and motivate students learning. Join us as one of our talented Year 4 teacher shares with us how she uses Seesaw in her classroom.

Book Creator

BookCreator is a fantastic tool (both app and web based) that can help students communicate learning through a variety of methods. Learn some ways you can use this tool for assessment, classroom activities and differentiation.

Creating an accessible classroom (desktop and iOS) - Microsoft

In this session, you will see how Microsoft Office tools help you personalise writing instruction and motivate your students to achieve their fullest potential. You will learn how to use various features within your favourite Office tools including Dictate, Immersive Reader, Editor and Word Prediction.

Collaborate on digital butcher's paper using Microsoft Whiteboard (on iOS too!) - Microsoft

In this session, you will explore how to use Microsoft Whiteboard app (available on Windows and iOS) to create individual and collaborative learning experiences. You will learn how to create and share Whiteboards and how to use features such as sticky notes, pictures, stickers, templates and digital ink.

Bring coding to life with Minecraft: Education Edition and Code Connection - Microsoft

In this session, you will discover the wonders of Minecraft: Education Edition in the classroom and how you can use the embedded Code Connection to build computational thinking skills with your students. You will learn how to use the features but also explore existing lesson plans and worlds that support coding within Minecraft: Education Edition.

Personalising Learning and Supporting Learner Agency using Read&Write

This session will be of value to all educators. It will cover the underlying pedagogies for personalising learning and supporting learner agency using Read&Write, to meet the diverse learning needs of every classroom.

Creating learning environments that accommodate, foster and challenge ALL learners, regardless of the barriers that currently exist for them around the literacy demands of school, is an essential requirement for schools.

This session will introduce core understandings and practical strategies using digital tools to promote learner agency, support active learners and enable their busy educators to personalise learning opportunities.

Inspire Creativity with Canva

Canva provides you with the tools you need to create classroom visual resources to print, or for use in your digital classroom. With a powerful yet simple interface you will find Canva provides you with endless opportunities to be inspired while creating inspirational resources for the classroom.

This webinar provides you the opportunity to learn how to use Canva to create classroom posters, and each participant will be able to create an infographic to support an area of learning you are preparing for Term 2.

Before beginning the Webinar each participant should create their own Canva for Education account which provides you with free access to all the Canva resources. Participants from Canberra & Goulburn can already access Canva for Education using their school email address.

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